If it’s 2022, it must be…er…

What a year, eh? No sooner have the 2020 European Football Championships finished than we’re almost halfway through the 2020 Olympic Games. And we’re only halfway through 2020. Er…I mean 2021.

In these uncertain times, it’s difficult enough for squash lovers to keep up to date with what tournaments are scheduled, are being re-scheduled, are ongoing or are being cancelled. So spare a thought for those players, officials, organisers and, increasingly, spectators who are eager to share any live squash experience, whatever the level.

Tournament scheduling continues to be challenging worldwide but, in the UK, three major 2021 tournaments are due to take place in August; the British National Championships, the Manchester Open and the Allam British Open. In contrast, two other August 2021-scheduled tournaments – the re-scheduled 2020 World Masters Squash Championships in Wroclaw and the 2021 World Junior Squash Championships in Cairo – won’t now take place although the latter may yet be re-scheduled to later in 2021.

Amid all this uncertainty comes the timely reminder that the start of the 2022 Commonwealth Games Squash tournament in Birmingham (UK, that is) is now only 12 months away.

Time to believe, perhaps, that when it’s 2022, it really, certainly will be Birmingham.


Thanks to Birmingham 2022, YouTube and World Squash.

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